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Our clothes are designed through a unique combination of science and technology. The collaboration between innovators, material experts, designers and engineers have resulted in a newly developed safety padding that is being integrated into sustainable clothes, without compromising design. Our resilient safety padding has a high energy absorption and is classified as non-toxic. The material has been tested at RISE and shows better energy spreading than what is required in the standard for industrial bump caps. This makes our clothes much more than just regular clothes.  

OICAN clothes are produced in Sweden and made from OEKO-tex fabrics. All materials are created ethically in the EU and do not contain any phthalates, PVC, BPA.


Low CO2 emissions

100% reusable

Made in Sweden

Tested at RISE


OICAN wear is the creative outgrowth of two sisters' personal connection to a clear problem and the burning drive to find the solution.

The company was founded in 2021, but the idea began already in 2020 when one of the founder's sons was diagnosed with a chronic disease that means an increased risk of injuries in connection with falls. In connection with this, a great lack of comfortable and aesthetically pleasing protective clothing that can be used in everyday life was discovered...

This became the driving force for the development of OICAN wear.

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Our vision is to let every child experience life to its fullest in the safest possible way.

To live is to play.

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